why is golf hard? What are the best 3 reasons?

There are multiple reasons, which show that golf is hard. Let’s have a detailed look at why is golf hard?

There are many sports, which are considered very hard, and after the majority of opinions, it is said that Golf is a very hard game. But we are here today to find the answer to why is golf a difficult sport?

So if you are a very beginner player and find it very difficult for you to improve your skills we are here to explain why you are getting those problems and we will explain why golf is the hardest sport to play? And how can you make things easier for you?

There are multiple factors involved that make golf hard such as physical, and mental factors, or maybe the golf course also itself.

Golf is a much-growing sport with time and evolving day by day, that is why is golf hard.

The more important thing about this game is its pace of play, which makes it more difficult.

There have been many shots that have evolved and have grown to the newest patterns. Which makes it more difficult sometimes to learn and to choose between different shots.

Physical fitness

If you are a golf follower, you must be aware it is the most physical sport in one of the best leading sports in the world. Therefore, you have to be very fit physically to be able to hit the golf balls perfectly.

Physical fitness

As you have noticed in the past, there was not much need to be physically very well prepared in nearly all sports but with time the sports is been evolved on a larger scale and a lot of the competition is been raised in all sports as well as in the golf. Now a day it is very important to be in perfect shape to make your play in golf very effective.

As you can, look at Tiger woods who was hustling in the gym, and then he started doing very great in golf. He spent the same time in the gyms as he spent on the golf course. In addition, that was the era, in which boasts golf into a very passionate game but to play in very good physical shape.

Bryson DeChambeau is also one of the best examples who have changed golf play considerably in the terms of physical fitness. He hustled very hard to make his fitness on the top level to make sure he can it the balls very longer. He has improved his game in such a considerable way that no players were there to face his competition in the golf tournaments.

Therefore, it is one of the core things to be in a good body structure to play golf very in a considerable effective and competitive way, that is why is golf so hard.

Best physical conditions

The best physical conditions in the golf play do the following for you:

  • The best structure and active body don’t only give you the power to hit the balls off the records but it also gives you the mature focus on your shorts and makes your shots very accurate.
  • While playing Golf, players start feeling fatigued when playing very long, and in the end that fatigue makes their shots very poor which can cause your loss in the game.
  • Moreover, when you have very well stamina and perfect body shape you can hit your shots accurately without any hustles in stamina and you can never lose your shot.
  • A good active body can lead to the best body and brain coordination which helps to improve in the area of reflex actions.
  • Therefore when you have good coordination of your brain and body you can be a hero in your golf team to play it very well and can smash the longer distance shots without any fatigue and hustle.

Mental fitness

There is always been the major thing in the sports which makes the player to be determined to the game and can play well without any nervous points on golf courses. As same as in other games mental aspect plays a vital role in the Golf also.

Mental fitness

If you are playing golf, you can understand how you play when you think positively or negatively. Do both factors play a vital role in Golf which makes to think about why is golf hard?

This seems like an illusion or magic when you think that you are going to hit the golf ball in the water and you see that you have hit the golf ball in the water. Thus, the mind plays a lot role in the success of your play in the game.

Whenever you have made the strong mind thoughts to play very long and undefeated in Golf you can follow the perfect plan that you have made in your mind. In addition, that is the point in your game where you can achieve your perfect skills golf.

Moreover, make sure that you are very well honest in terms of skills with you. If you have hit the golf ball 210 yards and you are saying that you have hit the ball to 270 yards that is very dishonest saying, which can make you, get in trouble that you never want to be.

Mental stability you can achieve not only by controlling your thoughts but you can also do some exercises to have your mind very calm and in control. Moreover, sometimes you can make your mind stable only by thinking positively. The mental aspect of golf is a core way to make your golf game very important. Never, forget to make sure you have very stable mind thoughts and controlled nerves while playing.

Golf courses factor

One more option is a golf course, which makes golf harder. Time is always been directly proportional to the golf course. Ticking off the clocks changes the golf course per ticking. Such as if, if you thought to play golf in the morning before 7’o clock, the morning dew makes the course wet which makes the green very slower, that is one of the reasons why is golf hard?

However, from the time to time, maybe when you will reach the 20th hole you can get the 5 to 7 extra yards. This does not mean you should look at the time at that moment and then start playing golf always at that time, it shows that the golf game is always changing on the golf course.

Count the weather

The mature players always take count of the weather in the golf. In addition, each time weather plays a different role on the golf course. Maybe humid conditions can give you more competition rather than the cold ones; everything changes from time to time and weather by weather.

Therefore, there are always two competitors on the golf course one is the player and the second one can be the weather. Experienced players also get great advantages from the weather.

The golf course is not easy to understand and it takes a lot of time to achieve excellence in the golf course.

Managing the Golf course

The management of the Golf course is been different from the golf course, which is also a challenge to play golf. Like other games such as when you are, playing football or basketball you all the course in front of you and you can take decision easily on how to manage your course.

Managing the Golf course

However, when you are on the golf course you have miles in front of you and you have to deal with all that distance, there will always be a different condition to play each hole.

Maybe you have the best golf club in your bag but there is also a need to investigate the other hazards on the golf course. Some players are very good at this such as Low handicap golfers. There can always get rid of these traps and make the game easy for them.

Learning the management of golf sometimes becomes very hard and it takes a lot of time and effort. You should be honest with yourself to handle such challenging course management.

Matter of pressure

When you are standing on the Tee box and there are many other professional players are standing right behind you and watching you then you will aware that how playing golf creates pressure on the player.

Matter of pressure

This pressure makes many golfers uncomfortable while playing. When the group of golfers presents around you all are very professional and good at golf and at the same time, you are getting very hard to hit your shots perfect, it makes very embracing.

Such things are also available in other games but the pressure and the complexity of golf make it more hazardous for the player to achieve optimal results.

Golf is one of the harder games to operate.

There are a lot of reviews of the players around the world some players quote that golf is the hardest game to play. However, some professional players say that this game is not as hard as it is interpreted but this game is one of the games that are a bit closer to the hardest games in the world.

This game gives the challenge to the players and thus it is interpreted as the hardest game to play.

One more game, which is thought to be very hard to play, is the POLO. The best part of Golf is that if it is a hard game but you are hitting even the 90 to 120 yards still it is very fun for you. That is why it is one of the most appealing games in the world.

Why it is thought to hit the golf ball hard?

When you have the best golf driver and the best golf ball in front of you. You might think that it is very easy to hit the ball harder but the fact is that you have to be well aware of the entire golf driver and ball. All you have to look at the right-center of the clubface of your golf driver and you have to spot the golf ball by keeping the dime size.

Now think to swing your golf driver at 110mph and hit the dime perfectly. Such things keep going on the course while playing golf, which makes it a more appealing game.

How you can make this game less complicated?

Golf is one of the complicated games but some players make it more complicated for them through their illusions. There are some important things for you that you should consider which could be potential fun for you.

Swinging thoughts

When you have been thinking about the multiple swinging options in your mind, you can lose your ability to hit the balls efficiently. Therefore, when you have too many thoughts related to the swings in your mind it can affect the swing of your golf clubs very badly. Therefore, it is very important to play golf straightforwardly to make sure to have clear thoughts related to the swing.

So you have well known why is golf hard you should also have a look at Best Golf ball display cases– Ultimate reviews 2022.

Proper Equipment

If you are playing in a group of professional golfers or even in the average golfers, you should just be aware of your golf equipment. The more poor golf equipment you have, you are making your game complicated on golf courses.

There is a lot of technological equipment, which produces very sweet sounds while hitting. Moreover, they are many high forgiving golf drivers in the market. The better golf club you have you can lift the ball in the air more efficiently.

In addition, when you have poor or old golf equipment with you it can be very difficult for you to hit your golf balls longer with your golf club. With all the aspects if you have access to the best golf equipment you should also be aware of the best-suited golf equipment for you which makes golf easier.

Some players make some mistakes when choosing the golf equipment for them such as the best irons for them. Like amateur golfers may choose the long irons which are very tough while hitting the balls. In addition, if they go for the hybrid Golf drivers they can be the most suited for them and make them easy to hit the golf balls longer.

Maybe if you are the ten handicapped you may be are going to have three irons in your golf bag.

In addition, what if you are fifteen handicapped you maybe are going to have four irons in your golf bag.

In addition, what if you are twenty handicapped you maybe will have five irons in your bag.

Therefore, every player has its suited equipment all you have to do to choose your golf equipment very smartly.

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Right Tees

The right place is also another way to play golf more easily. If your fellow golf player is smashing, the 90 yards and they have been playing from tips it does not mean you should also do the same or join them. You should make sure that you have found the tee, which is more manageable for you. Do not ever try to play from the tee, which makes you play harder or is challenging for you.

Go for the Tempo

When you are swinging at an even tempo that will make you help to keep you more balanced and you can go for the premium golf shots. And what if you are trying to hit the ball off-tempo you will find it very difficult to have the proper contact with a golf ball. You should always use the weighted golf club to achieve the best tempo.

All you have to learn is how you can apply your driver speed efficiently you can achieve the high swings with great tempo and can become a good player.

Golf is hard because you have to control your swing and hit the ball in the right direction.

To do this, you need to master your grip on the golf club and your stance before you even think about hitting the ball. Then, once you’re in position and ready to swing, it takes years of practice and repetition to learn how to properly hit a golf ball.

Even then, there’s so much that can go wrong while you’re in the process of hitting that golf is a very difficult sport. There are so many moving parts and factors to consider, from your swing speed to the strength of your grip, and this makes it an extremely challenging game.

Golf can also be hard because it requires focus and concentration. You have to pay attention to every little detail in order to execute a successful shot. If you let your mind wander for even a second, you’re likely to miss the shot entirely.

This level of focus is difficult for most people to maintain for an extended period of time, which is why golf can be such a frustrating game.

It’s also hard because you have to calculate distances and wind speeds.

It’s also hard because you have to calculate distances and wind speeds to determine how hard to hit the ball. If you misjudge, you’ll either hit the ball too hard and it will go out of bounds, or not hard enough and it will fall short of the hole.

And finally, golf is hard because it’s a challenging sport that takes a lot of practice to master.

Whether you’re trying to control your swing, read the wind, or build up your strength and endurance, it takes time and effort to become a skilled golfer. If you’re willing to put in the work though, golf can be an extremely rewarding and satisfying sport. So if you’re looking for a challenge and want to test your skills on the golf course, then golf might just be the sport for you!


It is fact that golf is a hard game but it is more fun to play this game. Undoubtedly, if it is a hard game but you can never miss enjoying this game after each round. This is a more attractive and appealing game despite it being a hard one.

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