How to make golf grips tacky? – Ultimate Guide 2022

Making your golf grips tacky can help improve your swing. However, there is always in the mind How to make golf grips tacky? You can use one of several methods to make them tacky again.

This guide will show you how to make your grips sticky quickly and easily. It is important to keep your grip consistent throughout the swing, so using a tacky grip can be helpful. Follow these steps to make your golf grips more adhesive.

Golf grips can make or break a good golf swing.   A stable grip on the club is an important part of your success in hitting the ball well and scoring under par. However, how do you achieve a durable, reliable grip? In this article, we will show you step-by-step How to make golf grips tacky.

What is a tacky grip?

What is a tacky grip?

Golf grips are typically made of rubber or leather materials. Some players like them to be slightly tacky when they grip the club because it helps create better control over their swings and the ball. This allows for more precision in where you place your shots, making it easier to hit under par and improve your game.

Step by step guide of How to make golf grips tacky

Step 1

Get a water bottle and fill it with 70% isopropyl alcohol. Spray this on the grips. Do not soak them, but make sure they are wet thoroughly.

Step 2

Take your grips off the club and lay them out to dry in the sun for half an hour or so. Make sure to flip them over so that both sides get air.

Step 3

Once they are dry, spray the grips again with 70% isopropyl alcohol for maximum tackiness. Step 4 Before putting your club back in your bag, wipe it down and clean off the grip tape with a lint-free cloth and some window cleaner to make sure you do not pull any dirt onto it when you go to play.

Wipe the metal parts of your clubs as well to make sure rust or corrosion do not form on these pieces either.

Step 4

Replace your grip and put your club back into your bag! Repeat this process once every month or two for optimal performance from each set of golf grips.

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Best way to clean golf grips

Best way to clean golf grips

Step 1.

Use a dry towel and wipe it down to make sure the grip tape is clean and free of dirt, mud or grass before putting your club back into your bag.

Wipe also metal parts and bottom of club head to remove rust.

Step 2.

Put some golf grip solvent on a clean, lint-free cloth.

Step 3.

Clean the grip tape on your club one section at a time.

Step 4.

Use the dry end of the cloth to clean up any excess solvent while you are cleaning your grips. You do not want it dripping down into your bag or onto other parts of the club, which can damage other components inside of your golf bag.

Step 5.

If you have a quick clean ball-washer, use this to wipe the grip down and get any excess dirt off before your put it away in your golf bag. You do not want mud or grass clippings on your grips when you go to play again next time!

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When to clean golf grips

When to clean golf grips

Clean them after each use. If you have been playing in the rain, really give them a good hose down with water and let them dry fully before setting about the cleaning process, as this will help remove any mud or dirt from your grips, which can cause rusting to metal parts inside your golf bag.

In addition, it is more likely that you will accidentally pull some grit or grime onto them when you go to play if they are wet.

Do white golf grips get dirty?

There is a coating on white golf grips that can discolor and darken with use over time. Keeping your golf grips clean is the best way to ensure they maintain their original color. Use water and a soft cloth to wipe down your grips without causing damage to them.

Adirondack Sports uses only the highest quality materials, such as a new rubber polymer blend. Their rubber grips will not dry up and crack over time, even in the harshest conditions.

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How to clean golf grips with Windex?

Windex is a glass cleaner that contains ammonia, which can cause damage to the rubber in your golf grips. Thoroughly clean both sides of the grip using Windex and a cloth to avoid any problems with your grip deteriorating too early.

How to make new golf grips sticky again?

To make new golf grips adhesive again, apply a light coat of hair spray to the surface. This will help the grip stay in place better, rather than sliding around after impact during golf shots.

How to make old golf grips sticky again?

If your old golf grips are no longer tacky enough, you can use certain household products to make them effective again. Combine dish soap and water in a small bowl and soak your grips for 10 minutes. Squeeze any excess water and soap from the grips and wipe them down with a dry cloth.

Finally, apply some rubber grip solvent to the grips and let sit for about three minutes. After this amount of time has passed, use more grip solvent to clean off the dish soap residue left behind.

How to make golf grips tacky quickly?

After you have properly cleaned your golf grips, apply a generous amount of rubber grip solvent onto the surfaces using a cloth. Let sit for about three minutes after applying, and then wipe down with more solvent until all residue has been removed. Your grips will now be nice and sticky! Keep in mind that using the solvent too much can damage the grips and cause them to crack.

While there are several different methods you can use to make your grips tackier again, we recommend not using Windex as it contains ammonia and may cause damage to the grip itself. We also do not suggest soaking your old golf grips in dish soap as this may not get the grips clean enough.

When using rubber grip solvent, you need to be careful because it can cause damage to the grips over time if used too much. Try out different methods until you find one that works for your golf grips and be sure to keep them clean!

Clean golf grips with sandpaper

Using sandpaper to clean your old golf grips may be a quick solution, but it can cause serious damage to the rubber. Sanding down the surface of the grip will wear away at the material and make it less effective in damp weather.

It is possible that this method could cause wear marks on your grips as well. Keep this in mind before deciding to use sandpaper.


As long as you follow the instructions given in this article, you should be able to make your old, dirty, or deteriorating golf grips sticky again. You can use a few different methods, but we recommend using either dish soap and water or rubber grip solvent, as they seem to be the least damaging.

In all cases, make sure you thoroughly clean your grips before applying adhesive agents and avoid using Windex as it may cause damage to the rubber.


Is dish soap safe for golf grips?

We do not suggest using Dish Soap as a method on how to make golf grips tacky. It is not safe for the rubber and may cause damage to the grip material.

How many solvents should I use?

We advise not using too much solvent on your golf grips as it could wear away at the surface over time, damaging the effectiveness of your newly made adhesive grip. Just apply a thin layer to your grips after you have used one of our methods above!

Since this method uses household cleaners, be careful not to harm your skin with any harsh ingredients. Rubber grip solvent only needs to be felt briefly on the hands before being removed completely due to its low toxicity levels.

What if my old golf grips are white?

As long as there is the residue left behind on your golf grips, they will remain sticky. If they do not feel tacky anymore, make sure you clean them very thoroughly before applying any adhesive agents.

Is Windex safe for golf grips?

We do not recommend using Windex on your old golf grips as it contains ammonia. This can cause damage to the rubber grip itself and will not effectively clean all of the sticky residues off. Try out some of our other methods instead!

How often should I change my golf grips?

You should replace your golf grips when they begin to show signs of wear; usually after 5-6 months of use at most. We suggest replacing them more frequently if you play in rainy conditions regularly or have sweaty palms during play. This will speed up the rate at which their effectiveness decreases!

What is the best method for cleaning old golf grips?

Utilizing any of the methods outlined in this guide should give you your desired result when looking to make your old golf grips tacky again. We recommend using rubber grip solvent if possible as it is non-toxic and will not cause damage to your old or new grips!

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