How To Address a Golf Ball With a Driver? Best Explanation 2022

In this article, we will cover How to Address a Golf Ball with a Driver so you can maximize the distance and direction of your drives.

We’ve all been there before – standing on the tee box trying to get a good hit with our driver only to be left feeling frustrated as a result of a miss-hit shot.

It is not unheard of to turn around and just grab another ball because you think that your current one is faulty. Of course, it is not – the problem lies in how you are swinging the club.

Some people believe that they need to have a wide stance but this is not necessary for everyone. Experiment with your stance and experiment with the size of your feet to find what is comfortable for you.

A good starting point is about shoulder-width apart for men or just slightly wider than shoulder-width apart for women

Women – Add about ten inches to your address position when using a driver, this gives you enough room to swing the club back and through.

Stand with your feet in a comfortable position bearing in mind that you do not want to adopt too wide or narrow of a stance either, this is where experimentation comes in handy!

For most people, it is fine if one foot is slightly behind the other but this is not always the case, if you are facing a difficult shot then it can be helpful for balance to keep them side by side.

How To Address a Golf Ball With a Driver

Before we get into the actual address position, we should talk about your eyes and how to look at the ball.

Most experts recommend that you should try and ‘aim small miss small’ and this means:

1. Pick out a spot on the golf ball (it doesn’t have to be perfect, just an approximation)

2. Line up the clubface so it is square to this point

3. Keep your eye on this spot as you bring the club back and then follow through, making sure that you don’t look away or change your focus until after impact.

The goal here is to be able to repeat your swing repeatedly, of course, there will always be little variations but by following these steps, you should start minimizing them.

Setting up to the ball with good posture is important too; let’s take a look at what our hands are doing at the address:

Hands – How To Address a Golf Ball With a Driver

The bottom hand should rest lightly on the grip, while the top hand is almost gripping the club but not applying too much pressure.

The wrist should be slightly cupped and both forearms parallel to each other. Your elbows should never be sticking out away from your body or locked in place. This latter point is a very common mistake of new golfers so especially worth noting!

Bend at the hips and waist so you create a ‘half squat’, this helps keep your spine in a good position for power transfer through impact.

Now let’s finally look at how to position yourself over the ball correctly:

Feet -How To Address a Golf Ball With a Driver

The goal here is to have about half of our weight on our forward foot, without being completely unbalanced.

The knee in our forward leg should be slightly bent and the weight should be evenly distributed between your feet.

Your upper body should be perpendicular to the ground and will lean over towards their non-dominant side – this is normal! Your arms should feel loose and relaxed; when you swing, make sure that you do not tense up at all.

Hips – How To Address a Golf Ball With a Driver

It is important not to open or close them excessively when we address the ball, instead, we want a nice neutral position. Some golfers find it helpful to try to keep their hips parallel with each other by thinking of bringing them back together on the backswing and then out again on the follow-through (this helps with balance).

To finish – How To Address a Golf Ball With a Driver

Everything should be nicely relaxed at address, try to avoid scrunching your shoulders up around your ears. If you are still struggling then check out this video, which explains the correct setup position in more detail:

Once you feel comfortable with your new stance, hit some balls on the course and see if any of the same faults pop back up!

Body position

The most important body position is that of address. The perfect posture for a driver is one in which they stand with their weight balanced on the balls of their feet and not toes or heels.

For those who play this position, 60% more will likely be distributed towards your back foot; slightly flexed knees can also help you maintain good balance while bending at hips rather than waistline allowing better stroke coordination between hands overhead & eyes ahead!

Body position

The position you should be in when swing dancing is one where your spine or axis of rotation for the movement has been aligned with a straight line from head to toe. If this sounds uncomfortable, try sticking out those buttocks!

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Your shoulders need to face straight down the target line with minimal lateral deviation during takeaway and throughout the swing…And facing forward is – well – just look at baseball players! They are told to hit “downward” on their targets so why would golfers think it’s OK to hit “upward” on their targets.

For a more accurate shot, you should stand with the balls of your feet parallel to the target line and slightly flexed. Keep those knees bent at about 90 degrees so they are in alignment with other joints such as hips or shoulders for optimal stability while standing still! It also helps if you take a wide stance with your knees and hips open.

A common error is standing too upright at the address. The spine needs to face straight down the target line throughout the swing… And facing forward is – well – just look at baseball players! They are told to hit “downward” on their targets so why would golfers think it is OK to hit “upward” on theirs.

Still head

A question I hear often is, “At address, should I keep my head still or turn it slightly away from the target?”

That is a great question and one that requires further discussion. The first thing we need to look at is the position of the best players in golf. When viewing their setup, you will find that they have a slight tilt or twist of the head away from the reaching point.

In the perfect golf stance, your weight should be balanced on balls of feet with knees slightly flexed. You will want to stand tall and make sure that you are sticking out those glutes for this position!

Many instructors teach that you should keep your head still at address; however, I disagree with this advice. Keeping your head still causes many players to raise their chin slightly (the opposite of what you want), limit their turn, or prevent them from getting the club on the plane.

A better approach is to position your head slightly away from the end at the address. This adjustment allows for a complete backswing and sets up many of the great swings you see throughout golf history.

Final Verdict

And finally, if you’re struggling with the other elements let alone getting them correct, you might need to allow for a bit more time in your schedule.

Don’t get us wrong, these are not long to learn or physically demanding (you can stand on one leg and do this) but if anything’s bugging you about your teeing practice, make sure it’s rectified before moving on. If you’ve got all of these sorted out then good luck!

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This was all about How To Address a Golf Ball With a Driver, If you have any more information please share us in the comment section.

FAQ 1: What is the best way to be able to hit a straight driver?

For beginners, it is recommended that you keep your feet shoulder-width apart and make sure that the ball is in front of your back foot. You should also make sure that when you swing the club, you bring it inside and outside.

FAQ 2: What courses do you recommend I play if all I want to hit is the ball as far as possible?

People can try and hit a driver on the Wupatki course at USGA. Some may find that they need to use their 3 wood or 5 wood instead of their driver for this course because it is hard to get the same distance with a driver as most people would like.

FAQ 3: Where should my weight be when I am hitting a drive?

Your weight should be balanced, on your toes but not too much. You should feel some pressure on your heels and at least some on your toes as well so you will have the right balance that you need.

FAQ 4: What are some tips for swinging a driver in an optimal way?

As much as possible, try to avoid bringing your head toward your target line when you are swinging. Also do not bring it back in toward yourself. If you must bring in toward yourself at all, make sure to stay out of tightly so you will still be able to hit straight shots.

FAQ 5: How can I use my hips when hitting a drive?

 The best thing that people can do is work on their hip turn because this is what helps them put power into their swings and leads to bigger hits with the golf club. This can also help them hit the ball from longer distances.

FAQ 6: When I am hitting, should my arms act differently than my hands?

Your arms are connected to your chest so rather than trying to separate them so they will swing differently, try to focus on bettering your wrist action instead. This will help you get power into the club and this will lead to bigger hits.

FAQ 7: What is an important thing that people need to do when they are working on their driver swings?

People must avoid bringing their heads toward their target line if they want to be able to hit straight shots at all times.

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