Chrome soft vs pro v1 – Best buyer’s guide

There are a lot of golf balls in the market but there is always a talk about Chrome Soft vs Pro V1. Some people prefer the feel and control that Softsphere balls provide while others may want the distance that Pro V1s offer. Here we are today to discuss them in detail, we will compare two popular brands of golf balls: Chrome Soft vs Pro V1.

We’ll go over their general characteristics and give some recommendations on who might like each brand better.

The Chrome Soft golf ball is softer. Pro V1 is harder and designed to provide more distance for players with faster swing speeds. Buying the right ball is important because the two are very different!

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls-Chrome soft vs pro v1

Callaway’s new model of its high-performance tour-preferred ball, designed to deliver even more speed and distance. It imparts higher launch angles with lower spin rates across all clubs in the bag–driver through putter.

Each of these advancements allows golfers to maximize distance off each and every club in the bag. The compounded additives also improve consistency from the golf ball to the golf ball.

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

“Chrome Soft is not only our longest golf ball, but it’s our fastest,” said Eric Lawton, senior vice president of research & development at Callaway Golf.

“Following a detailed review of tour player data, we strategically re-engineered Chrome Soft with different core designs and materials that provide lower spin while maintaining high launch angles with longer carry distances to bring speed and distance performance enhancements to all players.”

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  • Offers a great feel and touch.
  • Very soft and Elegant feel on striking.
  • Comes with Great Durable Covers.
  • No vibrations on striking which is the most important term.


  • It’s expensive than many other balls.
  • The cover is not that durable as others.

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls-Chrome soft vs pro v1

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls have been the #1 ball in golf since 1999 and are available for both men and women.

The Titleist Pro V1 features a large dual core with a soft mantle layer that helps create an exceptionally consistent ball flight, improved feel, longer distance, high spin-rate around greens, fewer mis-hits into the net or water hazards, along with an extremely soft feel off all clubs which has led to multiple major championships being won by players who use this ball.

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

Titleist balls are currently used by 17% of PGA Tour Players including 2 out of 4 members of the 2011 PGA Championship winning team – Jason Dufner & Keegan Bradley.

The name Titleist is derived from the company’s original product, the ‘Titleist’ ball which made its debut in 1938.

Pro V1 features include:

Larger Dual Core – A larger dual-core has maximized energy transfer for lower driver spin and increased speed for long-distance. With more resilience against impact, the two-piece construction also delivers an excellent soft feel on iron shots.

The larger size allows Titleist engineers to create a softer mantle layer that helps shot consistency by delivering enhanced short game scoring control.

The Pro V1 had quickly gained some popularity among PGA Tour professionals because of their performance on longer shots around the green, particularly on directional chip shots where they have a tendency to hold up better than other brands on fast greens.

Also, because of their durability and performance, Titleist Pro V1’s have become popular among low handicap golfers.

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The Titleist Pro V1 is available in a number of packages:

The Pro-V1 comes with a four-piece construction including a dual-core and soft mantle layer that helps create its exceptionally consistent ball flight and high shot spin rate around the green. Improved feel, longer distance, softer feel off all clubs, and an extremely soft feel on iron shots are also gained from the two-piece construction.

When tested under extreme conditions at Stanford University for hardness, dimple pattern, size/weight distribution, initial velocity, and more compared to Titleist’s previous generation of Pro V1 golf balls, the new Titleist Pro V1 came out first on average in each category.

Titleist claims that wind tunnel testing conducted at Stanford University proves that the new Titleist Pro V1 has reduced aerodynamic drag which increases clubhead speed for more distance.

Tested against competitive products under extreme conditions with real-world ball flight laws used by PGA Tour players applied to each product, the Titleist Pro V1 again outperformed competitive makes for longer carry distance and wider shot dispersion.

The results confirmed that lower driver spin leads to increased speed for long-distance, while also delivering exceptional soft feel on iron shots.


  • More durable than the Callaway Chrome softballs
  • Offers awesome swings.
  • Its have been no 1 ball for 20 years.


  • It is not as that soft as Callaway chrome balls.
  • It does not come as Pink as mentioned.

Details features of pro v1 golf balls(Chrome soft vs pro v1)


Pro V1 golf balls have a 4-layer construction and very thin urethane covers. The ball provides great spin and feels around the green, but it does suffer off the tee. By using an ultra-thin cover, Titleist is able to make the compression of the golf ball more consistent across all swing speeds.

Titleist created its original Pro V1 balls in 2000 with moderately successful results (the launch monitor data was good). Since then, however, the company has found that many amateur players were still slicing their shots even though they might be swinging relatively fast; these amateurs also typically had issues hitting the Pro V1 long as well.

When creating its new Chrome Soft, Titleist found that by making a spherically symmetric ball with a slightly larger, softer core and a thin urethane cover, it could create a golf ball that would compress well at any swing speed while still offering the same soft feel that tour players crave.

The idea is that smaller dimples increase the smoothness of the surface and produce less turbulence as air passes over them. In addition to increasing distance, Titleist’s engineers wanted to reduce backspin by creating a smoother, more aerodynamic surface that will prevent slices from turning into hooks.

It has been reported that the new Pro V1x actually generates slightly more spin than its predecessor, both models are highly regarded among amateurs and professionals alike.

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What qualities does this golf ball possess? Title: If you are hitting into the optimal range then you will see more favorable results than if you were to hit outside of it; however, there are two things that can happen when you find yourself either over or under the optimal range. If you find yourself either too far outside this optimum yardage, your shots will end up shorter than normal.

Or if you’re hitting balls that are inside the sweet spot of a different ball then both balls will fly farther than they normally would because you have an increased likelihood of making clean contact with both balls due to their individual optimal ranges being reached by your swing velocity.


High Handicappers Shouldn’t Be Surprised To Hear That Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls Have The Best Launch On Wedge Shots

The launch angle on wedge shots with the 100-yard club was 4.5 degrees lower when using a Titleist Pro V1X ball compared to the Bridgestone B330S, according to data from a collaboration between Trackman and professional golfer Steve Flesch, who regularly tests new equipment. As expected, golfers experienced 1.7 degrees more spin with each ball.

Detailed features of Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls(Chrome soft vs pro v1)


The Chrome Soft has a urethane cover similar to the NXT Tour S/Soft Feel, but it is slightly harder and performs better around the greens according to Titleist.

The Chrome Soft is also a 3-piece golf ball, 4 if you count the cover being separate from the core/interior layers of material.

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The Chrome Soft will provide any golfer with a full combination of distance and spin. While many players might think that softer is always going to be better, the reality is that you need a certain amount of firmness in a golf ball in order to optimize performance.

The bottom line is that Chrome Soft provides every player with tour-caliber performance without having to adjust your swing or your approach.

Last month I played two rounds of golf–one round with the Chrome Soft and one round with the Pro V1x.   In both cases, I hit my normal shot routine and made no adjustments to what I normally do when playing either ball. 

Distance: Both balls traveled about 10 yards further than my normal distance with a driver.

Spin: I actually spun the Chrome Soft less than the Pro V1x around the green and also when hitting short irons.   In fact, if anything, I might have spun it more on longer iron shots where it was used as a “target ball” to drive through the firm turf conditions at my home course.

Feel: There is no question that both balls feel great off the driver and irons alike. The Chrome Soft just felt a little firmer overall and spun a little less around the greens (when compared to the Pro V1x).   

Distance: The Chrome Soft produced about 1-2 additional yards overall in regards to the total distance between tee shots and approaches–on average.

Tips to choose between Chrome soft vs pro v1

As more and more people are being attracted to the wonderful game of golf, there is more demand for better products. This has led to competition among manufacturers to come up with high-quality custom-made golf balls so as to improve the experience that many have on the green grass.

The material used – Since this is something that will be in direct contact with your skin, it is important that you ensure minimum irritation when playing or practicing with them.

Some materials are known to cause allergies while others are known to cause rashes on the skin upon long-term use. Hence, carefully go through the list of materials used in making it before finally settling on one

Grip – If you are an avid golfer who usually practices early morning or late evening when the weather is quite cold, then it is important that you go for a ball that has a good grip. This way it will give you better control over your balls.

On the other hand, if you play mainly during sunny days or summer then getting a high grip may not be very ideal because many people find them difficult to hold under such circumstances

Spin – Most beginners have difficulties with their backswing. The most common mistake is too much pressure applied on the wrists which results in inaccurate shots and loss of control. When you practice or play, your tendency would be to take back as hard and fast as possible to correct this problem.

This may cause the ball to go out of bounds and damage other people’s property. This can be avoided if you get yourself a ball that has good spin qualities that will allow it to fly in a controlled manner

Distance – We all want our golf balls to travel long distances without losing too much control over them. If you are someone who loves hitting the green grass from the tee box, then it is important that you find one with suitable distance capabilities so that even on mishits it travels at least 70 yards

Brand – Some brands have been known for producing high-quality products for decades now while others have been newly introduced in the market. For those who are looking for an established brand, going with a trusted name may be a good idea.

However, if you want to try something different or new, then there might not be a better way to do it than by trying out some of the newer brands that have come up recently.

Price – Golf balls vary widely in price depending upon their quality and intended use. It is important that you compare prices across all available brands before settling on one so as to ensure maximum value for money which means getting more without having to spend too much

Customization – This may not be very important for beginners but intermediates and experts can go for custom-made balls which will give them specific capabilities they need. Golf balls can easily be customized based on your requirements.

This was the detailed comparison of Chrome soft vs pro v1. I hope so now you are well known to your decision which you will choose.


Callaway’s Chrome Soft golf ball is a great option for those who want to improve their game and save money. The Pro V1, on the other hand, will be right up your alley if you’re looking for more distance and better all-around performance. 

If you’re not sure which of these two best suits your needs or budget then it may make sense to try both balls out before making a final decision.  One thing that they do have in common is the fact that they are some of the most popular options when choosing new clubs at retail stores across North America so don’t wait too long! This was all about Chrome soft vs pro v1.

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