Can You Play Golf in the rain? The best guide for you 2022

Can you play golf in the rain is the most popular question always being asked by professional golf players. There is no doubt that golf is one of the most popular sports in the world, enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities.

However, what if you are faced with a rainy day and don’t want to cancel your game? Can You Play Golf in the Rain? The answer is yes – but there are a few things you need to know before hitting the green. Read on for tips on how to make the most of your round in wet weather.

Simple ways to play golf in the rain

Rain is an inevitable part of golf in most climates, so you need to know how to play in wet weather. We all want to get out on the course when it is sunny but that is not always possible. Even if it starts raining during your round, there are some things you can do to make playing under these conditions more comfortable.

Select your gear carefully

Select your gear carefully

The right golf clothing has to do more than look good – it is essential to keep you dry. Here are some tips on how not to get wet while playing in the rain:

Wear waterproof shoes with high tops that will protect your ankles and keep water out.

A water-repellent jacket or an umbrella with a cover is cheaper than buying another set of clubs since these items cannot be used during play. It is also helpful if you do not have enough time to go home and change before your game.  

Shin guards worn underpants or socks can help prevent water from seeping into shoes and ruining them for future use, both inside the car and at the clubhouse.

Light, long sleeve shirts are the best choice for a round of golf in wet weather since they provide protection from getting soaked and keep your body cool enough to allow a full range of motion while swinging.

Make sure that your pants do not touch your shoes or socks when you swing the club. Also, consider wearing waterproof gloves if it is going to rain all day so water does not get into your grip and cause problems on the course.

Dress appropriately at night

Dress appropriately at night

If it starts raining out before you go home from the course, make sure you change clothes right away so you can drive home without ruining more expensive items with dirt or grass stains. When you are at home, take some time to dry out any items that got wet. This includes towels, shoes, clothing, and anything else you might have used during your day of golfing in the rain.

Get out early before it starts raining

You do not want to be stuck on the course waiting for a storm to pass by. By starting your round quickly, you can get off the green before it gets too wet to enjoy your game outdoors. If there are light showers throughout the day, consider playing through them if they are short-lived. Just pay attention to weather forecasts so you can cancel or reschedule if necessary.

Golf shoes in rain

Waterproof your golf shoes for playing in the rain. Shower caps are a cheap way to do it. Put them on your golf shoes before you put on socks or other waterproof items.

Stay away from water hazards

Playing through the rain should be kept to a minimum, especially if you are approaching puddles of standing water or other water hazards. You should always avoid these areas if you can because the risk of losing a ball in the drink is serious enough, but during wet weather, it is even worse.

Enjoy yourself despite the weather

If you are willing to play through some rain, do your best to stay positive no matter what Mother Nature brings your way.

As long as you have the right gear, get to your game early and pay attention to where you are on the course, you will be able to deal with any elements that come up during your round. There will be sunny days again soon so try not to let a little bad weather ruin your enjoyment of this great sport!

Practice in the Rain – Play Better in the Rain!

There are several benefits to practicing in the rain using a few different techniques. First, you can practice putting without having to look at the top of your ball. Second, it helps improve your overall touch, which comes in handy during wet weather conditions.

Lastly, some people believe that playing on damp grass is beneficial because it simulates similar playing conditions during a tournament round. Find the best tee and get out there! And again Can You Play Golf in the rain? And the answer is YES.

Golf gloves in the rain

It is very important to wear waterproof golf gloves, especially if you are prone to blisters or calluses. Moisture can cause these problems to become worse and ruin your game, especially on those cold days when the rain is falling down.

No matter how often it rains, you should never cancel your game!

Even if weather conditions are extremely harsh, do not cancel your game unless it is an act of God. If you wait to see if the rain will stop soon, you could be waiting all day and miss playing at all. When it comes to golfing in the rain, sometimes you just have to suck it up and get it done no matter what!

And again Can You Play Golf in the rain? And the answer is YES.

Golf bags

Golf bags

Do not forget, your golf clubs need to be dry also. It is best to let them sit inside your home until you are ready to play. If they get wet, the dampness can cause problems with rusting or mildew that spreads throughout the bag if left unattended. The last thing you want is for your expensive clubs to be ruined by the rain!

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Replace damp golf towels

Also, make sure to replace your wet or damp golf towel with a new one. This will help ensure you will have it when you need it most. If you do not like walking around with a ball marker in your pocket (for lack of anything better) then keep one on your towel. It takes up less room and works just as well.

And again Can You Play Golf in the rain? And the answer is YES.

Don’t forget sunscreen

On a sunny day, make sure to use sunscreen on your face when you are playing golf in the rain. You can buy a specific type of sunscreen that is waterproof or try using a moisturizer with SPF protection instead. Whatever you use must be water-resistant to stay effective.

Decent umbrella

Finally, make sure to use an umbrella that is good quality and will not turn inside out in the rain. This is especially important if you are playing in a tournament. If you have ever seen an amateur with an old-fashioned golf umbrella flip inside out on the course during a storm, you will remember it for life!

You never want to be that guy or girl, so save yourself the embarrassment and go with a high-quality umbrella. And again Can You Play Golf in the rain? And the answer is YES.

Does a Wet Golf Ball Go Further?

This is a popular myth that many believe. The truth is that once the ball gets wet, it will not travel further. The reason for this lies in the construction of the golf ball. Water interferes with its aerodynamics and causes the sides of the ball to compress together, resulting in less distance on both your drive and approach shots.

All these tips are the perfect answer for the Can You Play Golf in the rain?


As we, all know that playing golf in heavy rains can be dangerous. However, some simple precautions like using the right golf clothing, getting to your game early, and paying attention to your surroundings on the course can make playing in wet weather more comfortable.

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Can you play golf in the rain?

Yes, it is possible to play golf even if it is raining. In fact, many people enjoy playing golf especially when there is a light rain shower. It can be challenging at times but that makes the game more interesting.

How do I know whether it is safe to play golf in the rain?

It all depends on the weather forecast. If it has not rained for days, then you should not have any problems getting around the course without a high risk of injury. However, if there are thunderstorms forecasted, tell your friends to meet up at another time so you can go home early instead.

What is the best golf shoe for playing in wet conditions?

There are many different types of shoes that are waterproof so you need to choose one based on your personal preference and how long you plan on being out there. Waterproof hiking boots are a good choice if you are planning to spend hours outside during heavy rain showers.

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