best golf driver ever – Ultimate buyer’s Guide and Top picks 2022

To have the best golf driver ever is always the dream of a true golfer. The golf driver is a club with a long shaft and a large head that helps hit the ball far. The best thing about these drivers is that they are made of carbon fiber, titanium, or steel, making them very durable. It can be used by both professionals as well as amateurs to hit the ball with great speed and accuracy. 

They come in different sizes depending on your height, strength, and swing technique so it’s important to buy one according to your requirements. There are many brands available, but some of them, such as Callaway Big Bertha Driver and TaylorMade RBZ Driver, make sure you get value for money spent on their products because they have high-quality standards that ensure that every product they.

Let’s have a look at the list of best golf drivers ever we have compiled for you. And grab your best golf driver ever and hit the balls high in the air.

TaylorMade SiM 2-best golf driver ever

TaylorMade SiM 2

Best TaylorMade SiM 2 golf Driver

Top Pick

  • Hand Orientation Right
  • Golf Club Loft 9 Degrees
  • Material Titanium
  • Brand TaylorMade
  • Shaft Material Graphite

TaylorMade’s new and improved SiM 2 Driver features a new forged ring construction which allows the driver to flex more consistently across the face. This, along with their SIM Inertia Generator, helps produce faster ball speeds for longer distances.

Speed Injected Twist Face

The Speed Injected Twist Face is designed to launch shots high and straight, while the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket delivers additional speed on off-center hits. The Spilt Mass Weighting system helps create an even head weight distribution for optimal stability at impact.

Speed Inertia Milling

“TaylorMade has created SiM2 (Speed Inertia Milling) with one goal in mind – to provide golfers who hit the ball lower on the face with a more playable, easier-to-hit driver. The new construction features speed pockets that are deeper than ever before and placed at a maximum gradient to drive the ball further without sacrificing forgiveness or playability.

High MOI

“Every millimeter of SiM2 has been re-engineered with low CG, deep speed pockets, and a back center of gravity to increase MOI by up to 9%. The lower CG allowed us to re-design the profile increasing the size of the sweet spot by over 100 square millimeters – this combined with deeper speed pockets provides more distance, even on mis-hits.” One of the best golf drivers ever.


  • The material is lightweight and strong.
  •  A precise shape is milled into the head. 
  • Super Forgiving for who is very accurate with their driver.


  • It is for the golfer who is professional and more advanced than the average golfer.

Callaway Big Bertha B21 – best golf driver ever

Callaway Big Bertha B21

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver

Second Top Pick

  • Hand Orientation Right
  • Golf Club Loft 10.5 Degrees
  • Material Graphite
  • Brand Callaway
  • Shaft Material RCH 55gr Graphite

With the Big Bertha B-21 Driver, Get the perfect distance you want in whatever swing manner. It is designed in such a way that has ultra-low forward CG to minimize slice and big misses and also reduce the low spin.

Draw bias weighting

Due to draw bias weighting, this driver helps to improve launch angles and promote longer ball flights and launch angles. An Artificial Intelligence (AI) based design has been applied to Flash Face to promote faster ball speeds across a larger area. 

Epic Distance

Epic Distance, that’s the name of the game with this driver. This is a Callaway product and as per their usual, they have packed it full of goodies to make you want to play more golf. In fact, I would go as far as saying that this has been homologated as a weapon! It is not out yet but at my disposal was one of those pre-release models – thanks for hooking me up Callaway!

Size With Great Feel

In size, it’s similar to others on the market but there was something about the look and feel of the club that just screamed “aggressive”. Don’t get me wrong though – if you don’t like how it looks then just opt for one of the alternative styles, I am sure Callaway has something for your particular taste.

Something that really stands out is the white crown, this offers a contrast to the black face which makes alignment very easy. So select your best golf driver ever and start winning the best ball golf with your skills.


  • Drive the ball farther than ever before.
  • Fewer slices and hooks. 
  • Comes with the awesome build quality.
  • Very easy to adjust.


  • This may cause the issue of size for some golfers.

Callaway Golf 2021 Epic-best golf driver ever

Callaway Golf 2021 Epic

Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Max Driver

Third Top Pick

  • Hand Orientation Right
  • Golf Club Loft 10.5 Degrees
  • Material Graphite
  • Brand Callaway

The Epic MAX Driver delivers the ultimate combination of distance, forgiveness, and adjustability. With a Triaxial Carbon crown, it is lighter and more forgiving than Titanium while saving 19 grams and it is one of the reasons which makes it the best golf driver ever.

More ball Speed With Higher Distance

The 17g sliding rear weight promotes higher ball speed for increased distance across the entire face, with up to 20 yards of shot shape correction available through the adjustable hosel. With its advanced materials and innovative design, Epic MAX is engineered to help you play your best game yet.

Driver with tech

Thanks to Callaway’s Epic Driver line, golfers can raise their expectations for distance while also enjoying a more forgiving clubhead. With the company’s new Epic Max driver, these advantages are even greater. And with the advanced OptiFit adjustable hosel you’ll be able to dial in its optimal spin rate, draw or fade bias, and trajectory to create the perfect shot shape for your game.


  • Very Powerful club.
  • The Jailbreak Speed Frame makes it easier to hit the ball farther than you ever thought possible.
  • Very Forgiving, Long and straight.


  • Doesn’t come with the headcover.
  • Can offer you 10 yards shorter off the tee if you are not accurate.

TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black

TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black

Best TaylorMade Men's RBZ Black golf driver
  • Golf Club Flex Regular
  • Hand Orientation Left
  • Golf Club Loft 9.5 Degrees
  • Material Titanium
  • Brand TaylorMade
  • Shaft Material Graphite

The TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black irons are the most forgiving TaylorMade irons ever. The 460cc titanium head has an adjustable loft sleeve that allows you to optimize launch and trajectory for any shot shape. A new Ultralite titanium core strategically positions mass for higher launch and lower spin, resulting in more distance.

Smooth Feel with Max Distance

The premium matrix white tie 55 shaft has a smooth feel and maximum distance to help you conquer the course. The legendary speed pocket performance increases ball speeds across the face for high-launch, low-spin shots that fly.

In addition, this driver utilizes a premium matrix white tie 55 shafts which is said to produce increased distance while providing a smooth feel. The satin black finish is not only meant for aesthetic reasons but will also improve alignment by reducing distracting glare from the sun.


  • Increased distance off the tee for more confidence on the course 
  •  Improve your game with increased trajectory control and launch angle adjustments.
  • Very High-Quality Shaft.
  • Adjustable loft.


  • The shaft is not suitable for some golfers, especially for beginners.



best PING G400 golf driver ever
  • Golf Club Loft 10.5 Degrees
  • Material Graphite
  • Brand PING
  • Shaft Material Graphite

G400 is the next generation of golf drivers from Ping. It features a new crown design that enables players to achieve faster clubhead speeds and more distance, while still maintaining the forgiveness and workability that has made Ping drivers so popular with golfers around the world.

Large ClubFace

The G400 offers a large, forgiving clubface with added perimeter weighting for more forgiveness. I think the G400 would also be a good choice for recreational players who don’t have swing speeds fast enough to benefit from the faster pace of the i25 but still want the additional forgiveness and distance that comes from a larger head size.

The G400 driver is aimed at amateur golfers with moderate swing speeds who seek to maximize distance and forgiveness without sacrificing feel. If you have selected the best golf driver ever for yourself you should also have a look at the best ball golf.


  • Very easy to drive and gives a perfect striking sound.
  • Gives you an effortless launch.
  • Reduce the slicing and offers straight drives.


  • It’s not adjustable so cannot be used by some golfers.

Cleveland Golf Women’s Launcher

Cleveland Golf Women’s Launcher

Best Cleveland Golf Women's Launcher golf driver ever
  • Golf Club Flex Stiff
  • Hand Orientation Right
  • Golf Club Loft 10.5 Degrees
  • Material Other
  • Brand Cleveland Golf

The Cleveland Women’s Launcher Turbo Draw Driver features a larger, more powerful cup face that allows for faster ball speed and greater distance. The turbocharged cup face also provides the draw spin necessary to help golfers achieve their ideal trajectory.

Unique crown design

The unique crown design is lower and deeper than any other driver on the market, which increases the size of the sweet spot and improves forgiveness by lowering CG for higher launch angles and less spin. The ultralight shaft with a counterbalanced head makes it easy to swing fast, while still providing a high moment of inertia (MOI).

Lightweight Graphite Shaft

The Cleveland Launcher Driver features a lightweight graphite shaft, CNC milled 460cc forged titanium cup face with deep weighting to promote high launch and low spin for optimal distance. The counter-balanced shaft design allows the golfers to swing at their natural tempo in order to produce maximum clubhead speed for exceptional distance.

The Launcher also includes two interchangeable horseshoe weights that can be dropped into the bottom of the head which helps dial in up to 12 yards of the draw or fade preference when placed on either side of the centerline. 


  • Get more distance and speed with a new variable face.
  •  Lower CG position for optimal launch conditions.
  •  Feel confident in your game when you’re playing by yourself or with friends.


  • Very loud on striking the ball.

PGX Offset Golf Driver

PGX Offset Golf Driver

PGX Offset Golf Driver- Best drivers for beginners
  • Hand Orientation Right
  • Golf Club Loft 10.5 Degrees
  • Brand Pinemeadow Golf
  • Shaft Material Graphite
  • Item Weight 200 Grams
  • Grip Type Pinemeadow Standard

The pgx offset golf driver features offset anti-slice technology which helps square your face at impact to ensure straighter drives, increased distance, and more forgiveness on off-center hits. The 460cc clubhead features a matte black finish with white and green accents to give it a clean, sleek look. 

Extreme Forgiveness Head

The Extreme Forgiveness Head – This is similar in shape and design to its predecessor with some modifications that help increase stability through the face at impact. By increasing stability you gain a better “balloon pop sound” when golfers hit the sweet spot with the driver resulting in higher ball speeds over longer drives compared to other models on market.

The Offset Design

This head design is to correct ball slices by directing the path of golf balls back into the center of the clubface at impact. With this added benefit you will see no more slices since your shots will be much straighter even when off-center contact is made. It also helps with keeping irons in play or gaining an extra few yards in distance.

Great stability

PGX provides great stability in teeing up shots due to its low profile design and extreme offset technology which eliminates slices significantly. When compared to other drivers on market it may not be as long but players still have good results when hitting greens and this is the main reason why it still stays on the top list of drivers for many pro golfers.

The price is also in an affordable range compared to other brands even if you are a beginner searching for your first driver and it is one of the reasons which makes it the best golf driver ever.

PGX may not be as long as King or SLDR, but their aerodynamic performance will make up for lost yards over the rest of the pack. PGX clubs are designed with both beginners and elite players in mind while Golfers can enjoy their game without worrying about slicing issues anymore.


  • Matte black, white, and green give the driver a clean, sleek appearance. 
  • You’ll hit straighter shots.
  •  Your fairway hits will be more accurate. 


  • Not suitable for the golfer who is not an expert in slicing.

Cobra 2018

Cobra 2018

Best Cobra 2018 Golf driver ever
  • Golf Club Loft 11 Degrees
  • Material Graphite
  • Brand Cobra Golf
  • Shaft Material Graphite

Cobra’s King F8 Driver is an ultra-lightweight, high MOI driver that delivers maximum forgiveness and distance. The F8 driver features Cobra’s most advanced technology with their 360 Aero Technology for increased speed and a lighter, stronger Carbon Fiber crown.

The F8 Driver also features Cobra’s new Adjustable CG (2 positions) to help you dial in your preferred ball flight. This driver comes completely assembled and ready to hit the course! 

Cobra’s 2018 F8 driver is the company’s thinnest and hottest face ever, just like any other major release we’ve seen from Cobra in years past. It presents a new challenge to the likes of TaylorMade and Callaway.

You see, by creating an ultralight 5-ply carbon crown that saves discretionary weight, the F8 driver moves the CG lower for higher trajectories. This allows golfers to work their ball flights both ways of this one head.

Buyer’s guide

The weight of the clubhead, lie angle, and shaft stiffness are all important aspects to consider when purchasing the best golf driver ever for your bag. If you have ever asked yourself what these mean or how they affect your game, keep reading as we break down each factor and its importance to make it easy to select your best golf driver ever.

Length, Flex, and Shaft

The shaft of a golf driver is the most important part of determining the best golf driver ever. The material, flex, and length are all crucial factors that determine your distance. Different materials have different flexes which affect how much energy is transferred to the ball upon impact. These three terms collectively make the best golf driver ever.

This means that if you want to hit long drives then having a stiffer shaft will provide more power than a flexible one. A longer driver has an increased moment of inertia which provides greater stability at high speeds allowing for greater flight time and thus more distance potential as well as accuracy on off-center hits.


Forgiveness is a major aspect while selecting the best golf driver ever. In golf, a driver is used to hit the ball farther and harder. In some cases, this can be extremely difficult for people to control when they are in an emotional state. If someone has been playing golf all their life but recently switched from using one type of club to another, it might take them a few rounds or even months to get accustomed.

However, if there is something else going on with the person’s game that causes frustration, it might be best for them not to use a driver until they have gotten back into their groove again.


A golf driver’s loft is an angle of how high a golfer’s ball will fly when it hit it. If you are looking for more height on your drives, then you may want to go with the best golf driver ever. A lower loft would be best if you are trying to sink your putts, as this will give them less air time and make them drop faster. 

Different lofts can alter the accuracy of shots because it changes how much spin is on the ball when contact is made with the ground or club head. The most important thing to remember about loft though is that it cannot change an out-of-bounds shot into one in bounds! And when you got the best loft you have the best golf driver ever.

Clubhead Weight and Size

The size and weight of a golf driver are important considerations when choosing the best golf driver ever for your game. The average golfer can use a driver with an adjustable shaft length from 44″ to 46″. A lighter clubhead will reduce swing speed, while heavier clubs will increase swing speed – it’s all about finding the perfect balance between power and control to make your driver the best golf driver ever.

If you have chosen your best golf driver ever you should also check the Chrome soft vs pro v1 so you have the perfect golf ball with your best golf driver ever.

Follow this buyer guide and select the best golf driver ever for you right now.

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